I will help you
turn your expertise into a
dream online business

I will help you
turn your expertise into a
dream online business

I will help you turn your expertise into a dream online business

… without 24/7 hustle while making marketing feel easy and fun 

Nika Wolf Marketing Strategist

Been in this online game for some time now but the income is erratic? You lost that zest you had when you first started?

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During this 30 minute call I will identify the one thing that is preventing you from growing your business and give you a framework to overcome it. 

Selling online is not some elusive art available to select few. It’s science.
You can turn it into a formula, observe, and repeat over and over.

A lot of “overnight online millionaires” made you think there is a secret to their success.

Something only they know. A secret funnel or strategy.

Made you feel bad that you are not able to figure it out. 
Surely, there is something they are not telling you.

You buy the next course. Join another dozen of Facebook groups. 
You're working hard. You're posting on all social media. 

It's not making any damn difference.

I know that feeling of dread all too well, I've been there before. That empty hole in your stomach because you can't believe you've done so many amazing things in your life, but you can't get a sale on the internet. 

There must be something you're missing…

So you're willing to spend even more money on courses while shaking over the thought of your next bill coming in. 

There is something you're missing… but it's not a secret.

The more random stuff you add, the more you will work on the wrong things. But no one wants to tell you that when they are trying to sell you the “next secret”.

The more things you add because “you're supposed to” instead of because they feel good to you, the further away you're getting from your dream life. 

This keeps you on a rollercoaster, never reaching the next stage in your business,
while working more and more hours.

You need to focus on what is right for you and your business,
in this very season of your business. And it has to FEEL GOOD.

I've helped hundreds of businesses sell more online by
combining psychology with business strategy & massive action.

how to build business online

Kick-ass go-getters endorse Nika:

Best marketing strategist and consultant in the industry. Nika helped a number of my distribution partners and customers identify, target, and capitalize on marketing shortfalls. Highlighted numerous social media marketing deficiencies and created immediate influx of industry relevant business opportunities. I don't give my endorsement lightly, but after several disappointing engagements, Nika produced results far and above expectations.
C Jackson
Panasonic Regional Manager
Nika is a marketing and business whisperer. Nika is my personal business coach I love her direct, no nonsense, loving approach. I love that she matches my intensity and pushes me to do more! She is extremely loyal in her support of my entrepreneurial and business growth. Nika Is extremely knowledgeable in social media, copy, marketing, business strategy, and content creation. I appreciate her so much and I’m so grateful she has been a part of helping me grow my business and brand!
Karla Cauldwell BSN, HHC
Author, Speaker
Nika has made a big difference to me and my company as she helped us to discover and refine our target market as well as to help position us successfully for several high ticket bids. She has a "get it done" personality mixed in with a sense of humor making it easy to work with her. I also admire her ability to think creatively and process information so quickly.
Ron Reich
Leadership Coach
Nika is the real deal! She's a WARRIOR and will never leave you in a fight. I love her straightforward style and objectivity. There is no one I would trust more with my marketing and business growth strategies.
Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO at Get Warrior Tough

Growing your business does not mean adding more to your plate!
You don't need to do more things. You need to do the RIGHT things.

Core elements of online success


Complete clarity builds business foundations: from your brand and ideal client to the marketing message and sales process.
Skip this and your business will be moving at sloth speed.


The Gameplan turns the foundation into a formula. It tells you exactly what to do to hit your goals.
I use my proprietary 7C System™ to make the game plan simple yet powerful.


This is where the rubber meets the road. You either want to be successful and you're going to do what needs to be done… or you don't.
Luckily, with my system, you can do the right things at the right time for your business!

Marketing Consultant Nika Wolf

Hello. My name is Nika Wolf.
You need my help. Prepare to succeed.

I hope you read that in Inigo Montoya's accent.

When I moved to the USA I jumped on the unrivaled opportunities of this country and built three profitable businesses. Others wanted the “how”. I wanted total freedom. So I went all in on helping go-getters like myself sell online.

I am counting over 35,000 hours of study and implementation of business growth strategies. I helped hundreds of brands sell more online using the psychology of persuasion and marketing strategy. Are you next?

My style is kind but honest, straight forward, no-nonsense. I am competitive and aim at mastery. Growth requires fast, not perfect action.

Claim your Free "Get Unstuck" call

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