Your Marketing Quarterback

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Are you the best coach in your sport, able to build the world's best athletes through your experience, amazing training plans, and best game strategies...

yet for some unknown reason - your business isn't where it should be!

You're always having to work on getting new clients when all you want to do is train people how to be the best. You just don't like dealing with marketing and sales!

Leave the marketing and sales to the pros and enjoy working on what YOU are the best at - training athletes, creating the best sport products, and making the sport, recreation, and outdoors industry better!

Hi, I am Nika

And this is my lazy spoiled assistant Major. 

I am a sports marketing strategist and consultant who helps 6 and 7 figure businesses in sports, recreation, and outdoors industry make more money in as little as 30 days. 

Stop stressing over your marketing and sales and focus on your amazing skills!

You can count on me because I live and breathe sports. Athlete, coach, degrees in sport science & sport marketing and management, 10 years in marketing, managing influencers… 

I got you! 

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