Nika Wolf - Marketing Consultant and Business Mentor

Nika Wolf – Marketing Consultant and Business Mentor

My mission:
build profitable online businesses for personal & professional development experts

Marketing + Sales Strategies that actually get results

All you wanted is to help people with your expertise… But now you're spending all the time on learning marketing and sales – and still not getting ahead.

Hi! I am Nika

I turn experts in personal and professional development into profitable one-person businesses.

Every profitable business has a lighthouse! Does yours? No? We need to fix that!

business owner
full time traveler
& best ever dog mom

solopreneur digital nomad

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and over 100+ other businesses of all sizes

Three ways I can help you

The Howl Newsletter

Deep dives that help you solve a business growth challenge.

Faster to Freedom™ Call

Strategy call to take you from stressed and confused to pumped up and profitable.

Let's Work Together

Limited availability for 1 on 1 clients, only for those who already
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