What Does Your Customer Really Want… Knowing This Is Your Key To Success

Do you ever ask yourself what does your customer really want, or are you 100% sure you already know?

I remember my last camera shopping experience. I spent hours upon hours reading specifications and learning words like ISO and focal length.

All I really wanted is for a camera that will allow me to take decent photos of my dogs as they play in the yard. One of my dogs was extremely sick and was going to leave us any day. I wanted to have some nice photos of him in movement that I could turn into canvas in the future.

I did not care about the weight of the camera body, if it came with microphone adapters, none of that.

If there had been one, just ONE, camera that said “This is the easiest camera to take photos of your kids and pets playing without making them all blurry” I would have bought it immediately.

what does your customer really want

See, the customers don’t want “a camera”, “a fitness program”, “a computer”, “a dog collar”, “insurance plan”, they want what the product does. Or better put – they want what the product does for them, the feeling and transformation the product brings.

No one buys insurance because “they want insurance”, they buy it because they want a peace of mind. Life insurance for example guarantees your kids are going to be taken care of. That’s a huge worry off a father’s back.

When you talk about your products, talk about what the product will do for the buyer, what type of transformation will it bring.

So what are we selling?

Looking at my service business, you would think I sell “marketing strategy and consulting”, but that’s just the name of the service.

What I sell is much bigger than a 20 page print out of your marketing plan.

I sell a peace of mind for a business owner stressed with marketing and active pursuit of buyers.

I finally give them a relaxed moment to breathe and spend it with their families because they are not consistently stressed over where is the next sale going to come from.

It’s less hiring and firing, dealing with wrong hires which is very common when hiring for the marketing team. Which again mean savings in time, money, and energy.

My strategies have included simplification and cutting down on the amount of work that needs to be done in more than 95% of the cases, so just that is a huge relief for a stressed CEO.

At the end, after working with me, a company owner gets a transformation of his business and life, less stress, savings in money, and more sales, so they can spend time doing things they enjoy.

Action steps to figure out what does your customer really want

Look at the transformation and deep desire and emotion your product brings. Every product solves a problem.

Think of that problem, then think of the reason someone would want to solve it.

What specifically does it improve in their life?

That is the answer to what does your customer really want, and that is the story you need to tell when you’re selling your product.

When you use this principle to figure out what you sell, let me know in the comments here.

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