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Supplement Company Boosts Brand Awareness
and Quadruples Online Sales with
Influencer Marketing Campaign

[Case Study]

Supplement company (in further text “The Client”) was gearing up to launch a new line of supplements. To ensure a successful launch, they needed to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience. With our proven track record in the supplement industry, they turned to us for help in crafting an influencer marketing strategy that would amplify their brand presence.


The primary challenge for the Client was increasing brand awareness and visibility before the launch of their new product line. They wanted to create an impact in the market and drive sales directly from their website.


We devised and executed an influencer marketing campaign, focusing on long-term collaborations with over 30 carefully selected and vetted influencers who were a perfect fit for the brand.

Our strategy included:

1. Identifying and vetting the right influencers: We ensured that each influencer's audience, content, and values aligned with the brand's mission and target market.

2. Negotiating deals: We negotiated contracts with the influencers to maximize ROI while maintaining a strong focus on generating high-quality user-generated content (UGC).

3. Implementing long-term collaborations: Our approach led to ongoing relationships with these influencers, resulting in consistent and on-brand UGC, increased brand visibility, and higher engagement on social media.


The influencer marketing campaign we implemented for the Client delivered impressive results:

400% increase in online sales directly from the client's website

Doubled the number of subscribers on their email list

Consistent production of on-brand UGC

Increased social media engagement with a more active community

These results not only contributed to the successful launch of their new product line but also established a strong foundation for future growth.

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