Strategic Decision Making – Make your business super easy

Strategic decision making in both marketing and business overall allows you to say NO faster so you can always stay focused on forward momentum.

You’ve probably heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin dozens of times:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. “

Although he wasn’t talking about modern entrepreneurship and marketing, it certainly applies to it. (Actually, after reading his biography, I am sure he was talking about entrepreneurship, considering what kind of badass entrepreneur he was, but that's a story for another time)

Lack of planning

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen with businesses that struggle with marketing is – lack of planning.

They randomly remember throughout the day that it would probably be a good idea to post something on their social media. Of course, they are not really sure what, so they find a quote that has nothing to do with their business… because it’s a post, right?

These same businesses are the ones that say social media doesn’t work, advertising doesn’t work, and marketing is really a waste of money.

This is just a lie they keep telling themselves.

And had they had a plan when they were “trying marketing” it would be obvious how well marketing works.

Why planning matters?

It's time we all agree that no matter what you’re selling, marketing is a necessary component of your business success.

But your marketing strategy is not a stand-alone plan, it comes from your business strategy.

Your business strategy has all the bird-view elements that will make your business grow, it’s about your goals, vision, mission, how you plan to achieve the goals, etc.

From this main plan, all the other strategies are born – marketing, supply chain, hiring strategy, etc.

When you’re making business decisions, all you have to do is look at your business strategy and ask yourself “does this align with my big plan”.

And that is the same principle you apply to a marketing strategy: “Does this channel/campaign/messaging align with my marketing plan”?

Imagine this: You have a detailed plan for your marketing in front of you, with your customer avatar details, the channels you will use, detailed data, and demographics…

And you run into your nephew’s friend who is going viral on Tik Tok telling you they would love to promote your business for a fee.

Most businesses actually find this very tempting because all they hear is “viral” and “millions of views”. So, they fall for it. They pay whatever the kid is asking for.

If you took a minute to look at your marketing strategy and saw that your demographics do not fit the channel and that your product doesn’t fit this type of content, you would easily say no.

Having that plan in front of you is saving you money and time. Having a plan allows strategic decision making in marketing because it keeps you on the right track. It doesn’t allow you to chase every shiny object someone waves in front of your face.

Strategic decision making in everything

You should have a strategy for everything in your life, your business, marketing, self-improvement, relationships. It doesn’t have to be a printed plan you carry around in a folder.

When you have a guide that outlines where you want to be and how you’re planning to get there, you will be able to make informed decisions about everything you do.  It will save yourself from getting off the yellow brick road.

Action steps

If you don’t have a business strategy create one now. Then draw your marketing strategy from it.

Outline the steps you need to take to get where you want to be. Adopt a cutthroat attitude with planning, make it as simple as possible so you’re not spread too thin.

The most important step when you have all this – implement it like crazy.

Or even better, let's do it together! 

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