Gym Marketing Simplified

How to sell more gym memberships

The book "Gym Marketing Simplified" is a fast action marketing plan for martial arts gyms, fitness, and yoga studios
Gym Marketing Book

As if running the day to day operation of your gym wasn’t enough, you’ve been told there are dozens of things you need to do to market your gym and get new students on the regular. 

No one has time for that. 

It’s time to simplify the way you market your academy. 

It's time to answer a simple question of how to sell more gym memberships!

Marketing your gym should not be the most time-consuming part of your business and it’s time to put a stop to running dozens of campaigns every month and not seeing results. 

In this book, we break down the exact system we use for martial arts gyms, MMA academies, fitness and yoga studios across the USA to get new students predictably and consistently.

Due to my love for sports, a lot of my clients are in the business of sports and recreation. A lot of gym owners turn to me to help them grow their membership.  At times, I have a full calendar and can't work with everyone so I decided to break down our system on how we get more members to join gyms in shortest time possible. I hope you implement the system in this book as soon as possible because I really want to see you succeed.  The book contains bonus training you can use to further amplify your results. Now let's sell more gym memberships!