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Unlocking the Profitability of
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Freedom Foundation Free Guide

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Discover the essential elements needed to build
a profitable online consulting business

Too many coaches and consultants are not making money in their business, for months or even years.

This free guide outlines eleven essential elements you need to build in your consulting or coaching business online so that you can become profitable faster.

22 pages of actionable strategies designed to help you build solid foundations in your business – completely free!

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Why You Need This Business Foundations Guide

Do you want to build a business that provides you with time and location freedom?

The Freedom Foundation Guide provides the elements you need to achieve your goals. With this easy-to-follow guide, you can quickly get your business on track and start to see real results.

Don't wait! Get your free guide now and start building the business of your dreams.

Things you'll discover

  • The one thing you MUST get right before starting a business (pg. 5)
  • Top “trick” to get your mindset on fire (pg. 7)
  • Why copying Apply won't grow your business (pg. 10)
  • One belief that blocks you from getting recognized as an expert (pg. 12)
  • Best way to plan out your entire content for years, in one day (pg. 13)
  • A unique spin on a common marketing tactic – so you can earn more, faster (pg. 14)
  • How to stretch your time with AI (pg. 18)
  • The best and easiest strategy to get visibility online (pg. 20)
  • How to do less marketing and sales, but make more money (pg. 22)
  • The one non-negotiable element you must have in your online business (pg. 23)
  • Easy way to stand out in the sea of consultants in your industry (pg. 24)
  • The big thing that separates successful from unsuccessful consultants (pg. 25)
  • and more….

Download the Freedom Foundation Guide Now!

Who is Nika?

Nika Wolf Santorini

I’m an online business strategist, marketing maverick and solopreneur traveling the world full time. 

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you turn their coaching and consulting practice into a profitable business, thanks to my proprietary Lighthouse to Freedom Framework™.

My mission is to help personal and professional development coaches build profitable businesses from their expertise so that they can do what ever they want, when ever they want.

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