marketing cost for small business

You’re Paying Too Much For Your Marketing

If you overpay for your marketing, it might be your fault.  Why so many have too high of a marketing cost for small business?  Successful marketing plan and campaigns require certain elements, and you’re supposed to know and provide those elements. When you request marketing services from an agency you should already have clarity in your business, i.e. have a business plan, target market, a clear brand, etc. If you are missing any of the

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Strategic decision making

Strategic Decision Making – Make your business super easy

Strategic decision making in both marketing and business overall allows you to say NO faster so you can always stay focused on forward momentum. You’ve probably heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin dozens of times: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. “ Although he wasn’t talking about modern entrepreneurship and marketing, it certainly applies to it. (Actually, after reading his biography, I am sure he was talking about entrepreneurship, considering what

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what does your customer really want

What Does Your Customer Really Want… Knowing This Is Your Key To Success

Do you ever ask yourself what does your customer really want, or are you 100% sure you already know? I remember my last camera shopping experience. I spent hours upon hours reading specifications and learning words like ISO and focal length. All I really wanted is for a camera that will allow me to take decent photos of my dogs as they play in the yard. One of my dogs was extremely sick and was

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not winning in business

Reasons You Are Not Winning In Business Yet

If you’re not winning in business yet, let’s quickly look at possible reasons… so we can change that. When you started your business you looked at the few consultants you wanted to replicate. You made sure you got recreated their courses and services exactly as they were. Why change things that work, right? Researched the competitors and made social media accounts on the same sites they were using. And now you keep a close eye

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