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Athletic Clothing Brand Achieves
600% Increase in Online Sales
with Targeted Marketing Strategy

[Case Study]

An athletic clothing brand (in further text “The Client”) was struggling to maintain its revenue stream during the COVID-19 pandemic. With their primary sales channel – live sports events – put on hold, the company turned to its online store to make up for the loss in sales. That's when they found my marketing services, specifically designed for businesses in the sports and recreation industry.


The Client needed to quickly find a way to increase their online sales to individuals, as their traditional market of live sports event attendees was impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. They required an effective marketing strategy that would both improve their online store's visibility and engage potential customers with the right messaging.


We conducted a full audit of the brand's online store, marketing collateral, email list, and social media presence to identify areas for improvement. Our plan involved three main strategies:

SEO Optimization: We revamped the online store's content, ensuring that it was SEO-friendly, to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Email Follow-ups: We implemented targeted email sequences, such as abandoned cart reminders, to re-engage customers and promote product offerings that were specifically aimed at improving people's lives during the pandemic.

Low-Cost Facebook Advertising: We executed a cost-effective Facebook ad campaign to reach a wider audience and increase product visibility.


By implementing our tailored marketing plan, the Client experienced significant improvements across various metrics:

600% increase in online sales to individual customers

Increased social media engagement

Boost in sales directly attributable to targeted email sequences

These results not only helped the company stay afloat during the pandemic but also expanded its customer base and online presence.

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