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Action Plan Huddle™

Get hands-on help turning your online sales numbers from powerless to powerful, with a personalized step-by-step system

Do you ever think…

“This online business thing isn’t for me, I’ll never make it work?”
“I don’t have enough time to do it all.”
“I am not even sure if I am doing the right things.”
“Everyone else already figured it out, there is no space for me.

It’s time to stop with those thoughts.

Trash them right now!

While at it… stop:

  • piecing together ideas from various blogs and mini courses
  • watching webinar after webinar
  • spending money on courses you never have time to complete
  • spending money on ads your business isn’t ready for yet…

I am calling an audible.

Imagine feeling confident about what you’re doing to
sell your offer online.

Focusing on action that brings hard cold cash!

Knowing exactly what you need to do every day.

Cutting out things that don’t work so you can spend more time on fun things.

Persuading people to buy from you… with a smile.

That’s what I want your days to be like.

This is where my Action Plan Huddle comes in!

I created the Action Plan Huddle to identify the best strategy that will work for you and your business… so you can walk away with a personalized action plan that brings results.

Action plan huddle

There is a person out there, right now, running the same business you’re running and making way more money than you.

What is the magic factor that makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

It isn't that someone wants success more than you.

They aren’t luckier. Or more motivated.

The difference is what they know and how they take action on that information. And massive action at that!

That is why I created a way for you to get the right information and apply it immediately.

Action Plan Huddle... Unlike Any Other

You see, the Action Plan Huddle is a unique way to get a marketing & sales plan for your business in a few days (only dependent on how fast can you send me your info).

Marketing Consultant Nika Wolf

When I started my first business 13 years ago, I worked 18 hours a day at times. Spent money on solutions that didn’t help at all.
Missed time with family.

I was trying so many different things I had no time for much else.

It all clicked when I realized that not all tactics people recommend will work for my own business.

The more I focused on those that work for me –
the better results I was getting.

No more marketing and sales courses with dozens of hours of material that you have no time to watch.

No more 6 or 12 month coaching contracts with no guarantee and no way to get out of the contract.

You will never have enough time to try every tactic for business growth you can find online.

All those (courses and coaches) have a place in a life of a business, when the time is right. But nothing beats a custom action plan.

You need a plan created specifically
for you and your business.

Knowledge is power.

Taking action on the right kind of knowledge is power.

No more hours upon hours learning different social media sites and tactics.
You only need to know the ones that are perfect for your business.

No more creating content that gets no traction.
You only need to know how to create the right kind of content.

No more Facebook ads before you’re crystal clear about your business foundations is a waste of money.

Don’t put fires out in your business, prevent them!

Action Plan Huddle is the best solution for all these problems.

Walk away with a personalized action plan, and the confidence to execute it.

In ONE session we will create an action plan and marketing strategy for your business. You will have everything you need to get people to pull out their credit cards for you.

I have over 35,000 hours of study and implementation of business growth strategies. I spent over a quarter of a million dollars on materials, coaches and conferences to learn from the best.

Do you want to spend even a part of that time or money figuring this out? … or would you rather someone do it with you.

With this Action Plan Huddle you will have my eyes completely focused on your business.

You will walk away with a plan that allows you to attract the right clients and sell online with ease.

And if you need further help, I will roll up my sleeves and help you with the action taking part!

This session is the fastest way to clarity, confidence, and results. This is what you need to move your business forward.

How does it work?

Action Plan Huddle steps

What do you get?

"Open your soul" Questionnaire

This in-depth questionnaire tells me what your goals are. Strategies you've tried in the past. Your positioning in the industry…
I will use this information to do a deeper dive into everything we need to put your plan together. 

120 minute Action Plan Huddle Call

During this call we will put together the best action plan for your big goal.
Bring your best smile, I'll bring the rest.

Action Plan Blueprint

After the call you will receive a blueprint to follow. It is a step-by-step implementation plan you can implement yourself of pass it on to your marketing team.


7 days of email support for extra questions.

Pick a focus!

I want the session to be as productive for you as possible. We tailor the offer to your needs. 

You're not sure what you need? I recommend focusing on one of the points below. 

They seem to be the bottlenecks in most businesses.

Business Foundation

  • Brand clarity
  • Marketing message clarity
  • Ideal client profile
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Marketing channels mapping

Is this focus for you?
If you are not making at least $10k a month online you are missing pieces of the foundation.

Marketing game plan

If you already have all parts of the foundation defined, Game plan is a better focus for you.

We will define your goals and then turn them into a formula through my 7C System™.

You will have a simple yet powerful plan to put in place.

Is this focus for you?
You are making sales but you want more. Much more.

Sales Process

  • Sales process
  • Sales process mapping
  • Trashing sleazy tactics
  • Conducting a sales call
  • Defining the right questions
  • Build sales confidence
  • Make the client happy to pay

Is this focus for you?
This is for business owners who sell on the phone or via social selling.



Paid in full

Limited time bonus: You will receive 3 FULL weeks of email support if you sign up NOW (this bonus may expire at any time).

Frequently Asked Questions

Plans are based on the information you provide and research we do. If information you give us accurate and you implement all the action steps, you will absolutely see progress. I say this completely based off the experience of previous clients. If you are seeing no progress we will do a detailed analysis to find potential problem. If you followed the plan and lack results, I will purchase a new session for you.

There is no growth without taking action. We can discuss the option of my team doing the implementation for you, or you can look for a marketing agency of choice to implement the plan for you. 

I always take in consideration personal preferences when creating the plan. Some things have to be done to sell online. If you don’t want to apply those steps, you can hire out that part of the action plan.

I wish I was able to offer a discount for this offer. As it is very involved and time consuming, I am unable to do that. If you choose to continue working together on a bigger project, we may be able to credit this entire purchase to the new contract. 

There are no refunds on this offer. 

If you don't want to improve your business, don't buy this. If you already worked with marketing agencies and never applied any of their advice but said “nothing works”, don't buy this. If you don't have patience to implement changes and have to 100X your business in the next 7 days, don't buy this. 

No. There is a one time payment when you sign up. There are no additional charges for this offer. There are no contracts you need to sign. You can read more about this offer at Action Plan Terms and Conditions. 

I recommend purchasing ONE Action Plan Huddle. Often, we are able to cover great deal of your needs in one session. We can discuss additional Huddles in the planning process. 

The Action Plan Huddle is paid in advance, in full. 

The checkout and processing is done by Stripe through Calendly, the industry leaders in payment processing and appointment scheduling.

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