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Not your average business consultant

You won't find me doing photoshoots in suits at a business conference.

I am too busy helping travel and leisure providers deploy marketing and sales strategies that actually work, while traveling full time.

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Are you in the right place?

A lot of business and marketing consultants offer similar services and it's hard to decide who to work with. I like for my potential clients to see if we have a good vibe together.

You're in the right place if:
You want to understand online business and marketing better, without all the bulls*it. You might be a business owner in travel or recreation industry, or a part of a marketing team, and don’t understand why some of the commonly shared advice isn’t working for your brand. Pull up a chair, do I have stuff for you!

I am not the type of consultant that will tell you to “journal on it” and hope for the best. Screw that. I love to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I love the trenches. I love getting my hands dirty to figure things out. So if you're like me and appreciate the results that come from working both hard and smart, we can make some magic together!

I don’t spend money on photoshoots where I wear business clothes I don't wear in real life, in a super neat rented office, holding a fancy cup of coffee, wearing an “Instagram hat” (you know exactly what I am talking about).

Yes, those appearances sell online. But that’s exactly why so many business owners are not getting results. They are buying from coaches who are all looks and no experience.

I am not trying to be a perfectly polished Instagram “influencer”… most of the time I am wearing sweats and baseball cap, hands dirty from gun oil – but I am f*cking amazing when it comes to digital marketing and sales.

“Official” marketer's bio

  • Worked with brands like Panasonic, Orangetheory Fitness, Sugarbear, Grant Cardone, Boldify, and hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  • Built my first profitable online business in 2009. 
  • Built several offline profitable businesses of my own in several industries (photography, fitness, firearms, pets)
  • Started and grew a 7-figure advertising agency where we reached $600,000 in client ad spend per month. (I closed it because I wated to travel the world, not be an agency owner).
  • Created a marketing campaign which made $997.000 in one day (almost $5 million in one week) for a brand with NO ad spend, doing 4X what they did the year prior.
  • Published a small business advertising book that hit top of two categories on Amazon on launching (I since took it down as I don’t offer advertising as a service anymore).
  • Spoke at several marketing summits.
  • Featured in many podcasts and articles.
  • Many successful campaigns I am too lazy to list here
  • I calculated, and I spent over 35,000 hours learning or implementing marketing
  • I do NOT teach things I once saw in a course. I teach and implement things I know work because I tried it on mine or clients' businesses.
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My Business Manifesto

  • I believe you don’t need to be a social media celebrity to be a successful online business owner and I am not afraid to say it.
  • I am a fanatic when it comes to building a business on proven methods, not trends.
  • People turn to me for a can-do attitude, blunt honesty, and results – and I never disappoint.
  • My uncompromising/non-negotiable values in business & life are achieving mastery in everything I do, and never betraying my core values.
  • My people are go getters and I can spot them miles away.
  • Hanging out with me will make you believe you can do anything.
  • I want to exit this world with a legacy of helping 100 000 Christian women and children live safer lives, financially and in every other sense.
  • I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that I became a bit better at something I do, and that I helped someone else do the same.
  • I don't believe in any one way to build an online business, because there are many ways to do it successfully.

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