Or How It Came To Be That Nika Is So In Love 
With Helping People In Sports, Recreation & Outdoors

What You Do Is Building A Better Humanity

I firmly believe that people of all ages who are active, involved in sports and recreation, building relationships with other like minded individuals make this world a better, healthier place.

Because of the amazing work you do to help others get peace and stay healthy, you are a person who is helping change the world to a better, more loving place.

I Want To Contribute To Your Mission

To reach more people, and change more lives, as any other business, you need to be visible and be great at selling your services or products. 

You need to be attractive to your market as this SCUBA diver is to the fish! 

This is where I come in – your CMO in a box!

It's really about not me

Do what you really love

You started your business because you love to work with people, help them achieve their athletic goals, make their life healthier and happier, not to deal with marketing campaigns. I totally get you and you should focus on what YOU are the best at!

It's hard to keep up

You have to stay on top of all the developments in your industry so unless you have 48 hours in one day, there is no way you can stay up to date on all the updates in marketing and sales as well, since they are changing daily. And you should NOT. You should leave it to someone like me and again - focus on what YOU are the best at!

This thing called "life"

You started your business so you can spend more time with your family doing things you love in your free time, but this free time somehow never comes along. You feel like life is passing by because you're so busy with all the aspects of running a business. Well, you can say bye-bye to the time consuming marketing and sales part - and have a CMO in a box working with you today!

As someone who grew up during a war and at times didn’t have enough food on the table, I didn’t dare to dream a lot. The few dreams I had, if we got alive out of it, were to win medals and serve my country.

My parents worked their butts off during the recovery trying to make up for my lost childhood years. They did that and more – providing to those around us. It was a great lesson how an individual can make a big change in the community!


All of this shaped who I am today:

  • I did win medals in sports that allowed for late start – practical shooting and jiu jitsu
  • I did serve my country by being the first female in a special operations unit
  • I managed to get not one but two degrees in sports – one as a coach graduating with sport science degree and another one in sport marketing and management, graduating from a business university
  • I immigrated legally to USA and jumped into improving myself daily – learning, training, and building a new career in business.

10 years later, countless client successes later – I can confidently call myself a pretty awesome sport marketing and sales consultant.

Now… I want to make a bigger impact! I don't want to just be able to help my community. I want to grow your business so you can help your community. I want that butterfly effect to start with you and me and change the world one life at a time.