Nika Wolf

Hey go-getters!

I am a psychology-driven marketing consultant, optimization & conversion specialist, and a super-motivator. 

I use psychology, data and science to help you sell more online. 

I also love to teach everything I learned during my 35,000+ hours spent applying and learning marketing and advertising.

Now, before we proceed, you need to know – I am obsessed with winning. 

I love winning so much, I will make you win along. Which is probably why you're here anyway!

Let's get personal

I am a marketing and business growth expert with 14+ years of experience, a sport coach degree, and a business management degree. 


I built multiple profitable businesses offline before I decided to move my income online. I had a sold out personal trainer business, maxed our pet photography business, as well as a sold out shooting trainer business… Yes, I love keeping a lot of things on my plate.


Bragging right: I did marketing and advertising campaigns for Panasonic, Orangetheory Fitness, Grant Cardone, SugarBearHair, Boldify, and many, many others.


On top of that – I am a Jesus lover, former special operations officer & athlete, medal winner in Brazilian Jiujitsu and IPSC, dog mom, and all around “ass-kicker”.


  • I believe you don’t need to be a social media celebrity to be a successful online business owner and I am not afraid to say it.
  • I am a fanatic when it comes to building a business on proven methods, not trends.
  • People turn to me for a can-do attitude, blunt honesty, and results – and I never disappoint.
  • My uncompromising/non-negotiable values in business & life are achieving mastery in everything I do, and never betraying my core values.
  • My people are go getters and I can spot them miles away.
  • Hanging out with me will make you believe you can do anything.
  • I want to exit this world with a legacy of helping 100 000 Christian women and children live safer lives, financially and in every other sense.
  • I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that I became a bit better at something I do, and that I helped someone else do the same.
  • I don't believe in any one way to build an online business, because there are many ways to do it successfully.