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You won't see me doing business suit photoshoots for Instagram… or begging for attention in Facebook groups.

You can find me helping businesses do marketing and sales using strategies that actually work, protecting them from pseudo-entrepreneurs, and improving their bottom line so they stop worrying about recession.

… you can also find me riding ATVs on Greek beaches. Perks of being a badass marketer for 14+ years.

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Every good digital marketing and sales expert will tell you that this about page should be about YOU, not me.

How I can help YOU and what I can do for YOU.

The problem with that is – I would just be telling you things I know you want and need to hear so you would buy something from me (thanks to my research and copywriting skills).

The key is – I want to write this site in a way I would want to read it. And when I read someone’s about page I want to know if I vibe with them as a person.

Because I regret spending money with people who are total belief + values + attitude opposites from me.

People who donate to causes I despise. I vote with my money, as we all should, so instead of putting a copywriting formula here and telling you things to make you buy – I want you to make informed decision if you want to be in my world at all.


Want to understand online business and marketing better, without all the bulls*it. You might be a business owner or a part of a marketing team, and don’t understand why some of the commonly shared advice isn’t working for your brand. Pull up a chair, do I have stuff for you!

Nika travelling Europe

In business – I consider myself a marketer before everything. Sure, I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a creative… but marketer before everything.

This site is unflinchingly honest site about business and digital marketing. The good, the bad and the ugly.

If you want the real truth from someone who’s tried it all, with various levels of success, not selling you on the “7-figure overnight launch”, I’m your girl.

I can tell you that some of the advice you’re seeing online is total bull and some is amazing (but no one does the amazing one cause it’s harder).

There are ”business coaches” out there that never built a business. You’ve bought from and then got accused of having a bad mindset because their “advice” didn’t work.

I am tired of seeing the industry turn to s*it and I want no part of that side of the industry anymore.

Here is the most embarrassing truth I will ever admit – I was sold on the same bulls*it for awhile. There was a point in my business where I didn’t listen to my experience and gut and fell for all the things I despise in the online industry. I went against my judgement. I started believing and repeating what they say.

I was even saying things I knew won't work for most people. For god’s sake, I had years of proof under my belt… but the human in me that wanted it all to be that easy.

If you run into an old post of mine making it all look like a dream, scroll by, please. See, as marketers, it's our job to sell the dream. But all that did is make 95% of entrepreneurs give up and lose belief in themselves.

“Because, there is obviously something wrong with me if I can't make something this easy to work for me…”

“Just journal on it and it will manifest. It's all suposed to be easy”. RLMAO

Screw that. I love to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I love the trenches. I love getting my hands dirty to figure things out.

There is a difference between work feeling easy because you like it and the “new easy” they are trying to sell you. So if you're like me and appreciate the results that come from working both hard and smart, I appreciate you!

I don’t spend money on photoshoots where I wear business clothes I don't wear in real life, in a super neat rented office, holding a fancy cup of coffee, wearing an “Instagram hat” (you know exactly what I am talking about).

Yes, those appearances sell online. But that’s exactly why so many business owners are not getting results.

They are buying from coaches who are all looks and no experience.

I am not trying to be a perfectly polished Instagram “influencer”… most of the time I am wearing sweats and baseball cap, hands dirty from gun oil – but I am f*cking amazing when it comes to digital marketing and sales.

"Official" marketer's bio

  • Worked with brands like Panasonic, Orangetheory Fitness, Sugarbear, Grant Cardone, Boldify, and hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  • Built my first profitable online business in 2009. 
  • Built several offline profitable businesses of my own in several industries (photography, fitness, firearms)
  • Started and grew a 7-figure advertising agency where we reached $600,000 in client ad spend per month. (I closed it because I wated to travel the world, not be an agency owner).
  • Created a marketing campaign which made $997.000 in one day (almost $5 million in one week) for a brand with NO ad spend, doing 4X what they did the year prior.
  • Published a small business advertising book that hit top of two categories on Amazon on launching (I since took it down as I don’t do advertising anymore).
  • Spoke at several marketing summits.
  • Featured in many podcasts and articles.
  • Many successful campaigns I am too lazy to list here
  • I calculated, and I spent over 35,000 hours learning or implementing marketing
  • PS I also never had a 7 figure launch of a course in which I teach you stuff that might or might not work, that I rehashed from a course I bought. Because I hate the new approach to business of “just be one step ahead of your client and charge your worth”. This is one of the biggest problems in online entrepreneurship today and f*ck that.

Let's get personal

I am Bosnian-born Serbian-raised American. I live between USA and Europe and travel full time, which sounds fancier than it is.

Yes, we spent the last summer in Greece but we also travel with two dogs which makes everything 10X harder.

I love to write about business and marketing, travels, my dogs, and expensive hobbies I take from time to time. I am obsessed with winning and psychology.

I am a fiancée to a an amazing corporate business consultant, former football player, who taught me how to play poker and showed me some of the best sunsets all over the world.

Some personal brags

  • First female operator in a special operations unit,
  • Degree as a coach in Olympic shooting sports,
  • Degree in Sports Management and Marketing,
  • Police advisor to a SWAT-like unit in an African post war nation,
  • Won medals in two sports (although I did not win a medal at the BJJ World championship in California due to getting my ass handed to me),
  • Damn dangerous with 9mm Glocks,
  • I use cuss words but don't spell them out in their entirety online in case my dad runs into my stuff 😉 
  • I am a Christian and won't ever apologize for that!
Nika Wolf Santorini

My Business Manifesto

  • I believe you don’t need to be a social media celebrity to be a successful online business owner and I am not afraid to say it.
  • I am a fanatic when it comes to building a business on proven methods, not trends.
  • People turn to me for a can-do attitude, blunt honesty, and results – and I never disappoint.
  • My uncompromising/non-negotiable values in business & life are achieving mastery in everything I do, and never betraying my core values.
  • My people are go getters and I can spot them miles away.
  • Hanging out with me will make you believe you can do anything.
  • I want to exit this world with a legacy of helping 100 000 Christian women and children live safer lives, financially and in every other sense.
  • I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that I became a bit better at something I do, and that I helped someone else do the same.
  • I don't believe in any one way to build an online business, because there are many ways to do it successfully.

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