Marketing Consultant Nika Wolf

Hey go-getters!
That's me, Nika, on the left!

I am a psychology-driven marketing consultant, and an optimization & conversion specialist. 

In simple English, I use psychology and science to help you sell more online. 

Now, before we proceed, you need to know – I am obsessed with winning. 

I love winning so much, I will make you win along. Which is probably why you're here anyway!

No one starts a business to work 24/7, never spend time with their family, and stay broke. Let's be honest. Most overnight successes are years in the making. 

If you're comparing yourself to an influencer on social media, you're seeing someone's highlight reel. 

Freedom comes with some challenges. Overcoming them is the fun part!

So you may have to work long hours and skip a party or two. I did and still do. 

I am here to help you do what I did… build a profitable business not chase a trend. 

All I need from you is the desire to succeed and work hard, I'll bring the rest to the table!

I know how to grow a profitable business and will give my all for your success. 

I work across marketing and sales ecosystem, not one type of ad, page, social channel.

I don't do cookie-cutter stuff. That's for amateurs. 

I am all about action and implementation. Get it done!

I do things differently and innovate. How? I worked with dozens of industries so I have the deep knowledge of different strategies. 

I won't let you waste time or money in anything we do. If we don't have foundations in place, that's what we do first!

I mentioned working across entire marketing and sales ecosystem, not one type of ad, page, social channel.

What does that mean?

I can apply my skills and superpowers to any piece of your marketing and sales. How? Psychology of persuasion & optimization work everywhere.

(Yes, in real life as well, not just in words on the internet.)

You may only need help with one channel. Or a complete overhaul.

We do no more and no less than you need.

My proprietary 7C System™ helps any business become profitable. Not overnight, settle down, we are talking real world here.

In plain words…

We put together foundations for your business.

Then we plot the world domination.

We make people fall in love with you and your offer.

Then we make your clients buy… and buy some more.

There are hundreds of ways to grow a business. I want the one that's best for YOU. 

I am a consultant first, not a therapist. Instead of spending months talking about feelings about sales, we will get to selling. 

Now, if there are some mindset issues related to business, I will be all over that to help you. But we won't need months for that. 

I am straight forward and honest, even if it ruffles some feathers. 

People in the USA tell me some things should be kept private.  Well I am Serbian, and speak my mind. You should know some private things about me in case you are picky about personalities. 

  • I am a Christian (and don't mind if you're not).
  • I love and own firearms.
  • I own purebred dogs from champion-bred lines.
  • I eat meat.
  • Participation trophies and toxic positivity are bad.
  • Victim mentality is a bad quality for a business owner. Ditch the excuses.
  • I subscribe to stoic philosophy.
I didn't start out to be a marketing consultant.
I grew up in wars. I wanted to protect others from what I lived through so I always wanted to serve in special operations. 
Funny dream for a kid that grew up in a communist country with no women in uniform. 
However, I love winning. So I did it.
I got into the first female class at the Academy. Then a VIP protection unit (protected Presidents and Prime Ministers).
And then – became the first female in a personal protection platoon of a special operations unit.
The only female sergeant that went to Italy to train with Carabinieri unit. The only female sergeant that went to Africa to train and advise a SWAT like unit in Liberia. The only female sergeant joining the Intelligence department. 
I won medals in shooting and got my degree in sports science. 
Lots of other fun “firsts”. 
My recipe for success was hard work and saying yes to opportunities.

Then I left it all and moved to USA...

I built 3 profitable businesses (online marketing, personal training and photography). I also made all the mistakes I could along the way…
My businesses were doing great so people wanted me to help them do the same. 
I realized this was my way to full location independence and real freedom. I said yes to this opportunity.
I dove fully into the study of marketing, sales, psychology of persuasion…
Over 35,000 hours of study and implementation so far!
I won an award as a content creator. Published a marketing book. Spoke at marketing summits.
I had my fingers in the marketing of companies like Grant Cardone, SugarBearHair, Panasonic and Orangetheory fitness
Besides self study I went on to get another degree. This time it was business management (sports management and marketing). 
I also managed to fall madly in love with a football linebacker.
Won a National Best of Breed title with my dog. Stayed active as an international shooting competitor. Won medals in Brazilian Jiujitsu (2nd in State of Florida). And even made it to the Jiujitsu World Championship. 
Right now, I can't get enough of my clients' successes.
certified search marketing specialist
certified customer value optimization specialist
certified content marketing specialist
certified direct response copywriter

Favorite Quotes

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus Christ (John 3:16)

I will either find a way, or make one.

General Hannibal Barca

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

Marcus Aurelius

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Fun Facts

My favorite possession is Glock 34.
I love Minions.
ESTP personality type.
High D on DISC.
Communism is death.
Kosovo is Serbian.